Sunday, November 27, 2011


Here is Nora enjoying our reading corner.  Nora is moving to another home and this coming week is her last week.  We will miss her sweet nature and wish her and her family all the best.  One of the great things about working at Singing Tree is meeting all the fabulous families that live in our community.  Throughout the years I have grown attached to many little beings who have touched me in many ways.    When children come to spend their days in my home it feels like family.  I love helping my community in this way.

I love this photo of Mei Mei. 
There are some new happenings going on at Singing Tree and they have to do with Little Avery.  Avery is 16 months old and starting to stand on her own and take small steps.  We are so proud of her and I wish you could see all the children cheer her on.  When she stands up and precariously finds her balance the children stand around her clapping and cheering.  We are all so happy for her and Avery loves the attention. Her smiles and laughs make us laugh in turn.  What a treat to be around these little people who live in the moment and find such joy in the small things.
 See the pride on her sweet face!

 Here is Samuel being Avery's cheerleader

 Here is Avery finding her balance and ...

 down she goes..

 up again and...

 down she goes... Keep at it Avery pretty soon you will running and jumping!

That is a million dollar smile.  Smiles to you and yours :)

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